"Planning my wedding from overseas, I prepared myself for potential setbacks.  However, I rarely encountered any. Tippy was incredibly accommodating to my limited schedule and made such an effort to make sure I was confident and most importantly comfortable with my makeup.

I find it rare to encounter someone with such professionalism and gentleness …that is Tippy. Tippy has such a sweet spirit and she was always timely with our many e-mail exchanges! She always knew the right questions to ask! So when we met for the trail three days before my wedding, she was prepared with a vision and completely blew me away!

On my wedding day Tippy was amazing. She arrived promptly and stayed to do final touch -ups, up until I was literally walking down the aisle! She went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect!

It is evident Tippy is passionate about her work, and therefore does her very best. I was so thankful and fortunate that Tippy was available to do my makeup."

- Stephany Darling, (Bride)